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Function of the Emergency Room

It is characteristic for an Emergency Room that the number of patients varies and situations are unpredictable, thus the Emergency Room is crowded and it may take a long time to get treatment.


If a patient is in danger of life or in imminent danger of life, he gets immediate treatment.

  • First, we evaluate urgency of the need for care. We always treat the urgent and emergent patients first based on our triage classification.
  • We treat patients of several medical specialities, thus queuing times may substantially vary.
  • In addition to Emergency Room patients, our Casualty Officers treat patients in wards, do emergency operations and procedures in other facilities as well.
  • Patient information is recorded and read by using computers. We use an electronic patient record system, Mediatri®, which covers the patient information of the province.
  • Our work consists of treatment procedures performed on an outpatient basis, transport of patients to examination units and wards, and preparing patients to emergency operations. Sometimes, a severely ill patient requires all our attention.
  • You will receive your examination results in about two hours.
  • Please, be patient in case of a rush!