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Honkalampi Centre

The Honkalampi Centre is located in the Municipality of Liperi about 15 kilometres from the City of Joensuu. The Centre provides special care services for  people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, primarily for people living in the member municipalities of the North Karelia Central Hospital and Honkalampi Centre (PKSSK). Targeted and meaningful services from individual and society perspectives in cooperation with the municipal social services are provided. Enabling good and equal quality of life for individuals with disabilities is the primary concern.


Services consists of

  • Special Counselling Clinic for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Institutional care
  • Rehabilitation periods
  • Housing and day activity services
  • Family care
  • Special care implemented at home
  • Rehabilitation counselling
  • Schooling for severely disabled children and adolescents
  • Camps
  • Courses, education, and consultations.