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Working Groups in Emergency Room

A working group takes care of you in the Emergency Room and in the Monitoring Unit. The group consists of a physician, a nurse and a practical nurse or an emergency medical technician. You identify your care group based on their badges in their uniforms.


Triage Nurse – the Person who Receives You

  • A triage nurse and a department secretary receive you. The triage nurse informs the working group of your arrival and condition, keeps you informed about the queuing time, and monitors your condition together with the working group.

Patient Care Team of Internal Medicine Patients

  • Two caretakers; the one or both of them are nurses.

Patient Care Team of Surgical Patients

  • A nurse and an emergency medical technician

Nurse of Paediatric, Otorhinolaryngology, Pulmonary, and Neurologic Patients including Patients of Other Specialities

  • 1–2 nurses

Patient Care Team in the Monitoring Unit

  • 1—2 nurses and a practical nurse